出身:東京 [TOKYO]








1980年 東京生まれ。








また、2012年・フランスで開催された「ARTAQ AWARDS2012」でのノミネートを機に更に活動の幅を広げる。




Keep on Drawing



HAKU-RYU Biography


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1980 and based in Yokohama, Japan. Started drawing graffiti art pieces uniquelyusing Japanese writing brush, expressing his philosophy and soul through art.

Through posting his pieces on Facebook, Haku Ryu’s name became familiar to many art lovers in all over the world and he begun receiving orders from many different countries.

In 2012, his art was nominated in“ARTAQ AWARDS2012” in France, from then on his career took off even to a higher level.
Haku Ryu’s drawing doesn’t stop being on a piece of paper. He draws on bicycle frames, Asian drums, skate boards, laptop body, helmets, surfboards, magazines and CD cover designs, in apparel goods, company logo designs, desk top body, business card designs and performing live painting shows.
Whether his clients are corporate, private, other artists, military, from whichever country he dedicate himself in all of his crafts.
In 2012, Haku-ryu also started his workshop activities to spread the world of art to the future and to the world in all avenues.


From Japan to the World
Keep on Drawing.